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Interested in training opportunities about teaching about sex- and gender-related topics in biology and integrating more diverse role models into your courses? We provide on-site and virtual workshops based on both branches of Project Biodiversify.

“Thank you for visiting us and providing an exceptional learning experience for our community. The feedback from your workshop and seminar series has been phenomenal. The series was impeccably organized and executed, providing critical content as well as space for professional and personal growth. I’m hopeful that your series sparked the beginning of a lot of important work on campus. Thank you for providing us with the tools, motivation, and confidence to make a more inclusive curriculum our reality. You left us inspired, encouraged, and fired up – we can do better, we must do better, we will do better.”

Workshop Attendees at Northern Kentucky University

Role model teaching slides submission drives

Submission drives help to expand our repository of teaching slides highlighting underrepresented biologists. The idea of a submission drive is to gather people and momentum together to support folks during the submission process. We provide list(s) of current and historical researchers from under-represented groups and answer questions that may come up while folks fill out the submission form. These workshops allow us to add examples to the repository in a short amount of time, and participants leave with tangible achievements to report for their broader impacts and CVs. 

Workshop on methods to teach sex & gender in biology

This workshop focuses on teaching sex and gender in biology in inclusive and accurate ways. We’ve given the workshop at a nine national societies and universities, and counting! The workshop is typically 2.5 hours long and we cover: 1) the importance of diversity/inclusion in biology, 2) highlight problems with how sexual reproduction, sex determination, and sexual selection are typically taught regarding accuracy and inclusion, 3) summarize ways to be more inclusive and accurate in teaching these topics, and 4) provide hands on activities in which participants can work together to make examples/prompts from their classes more inclusive and accurate. 

Seminars on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in biology

In addition to our workshops, we have also given seminars on the motivations behind Project Biodiversify. We give an overview of why we target classrooms and curricula as a place to make positive change, and discuss the two branches of Project Biodiversify (diversifying and humanizing teaching materials and inclusive and accurate teaching methods). In doing so, demonstrate how accuracy, inclusion, and efficacy go hand in hand in science curricula.


Workshops are on a sliding scale from $0 to $1000 per workshop organizer + travel. The higher cost allows us to supplement funding to conduct workshops for groups that cannot pay. Let us know what you can afford and we can work with you. If you are part of your group that does not have funds to pay, please let us know and we will do our best to make it work! Contact us here

See our News & Events page to learn about past workshops.

Photo from our workshop at Northern Kentucky University in 2019
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