Teaching Materials to Diversify & Humanize Biology

Project Biodiversify provides ready-to-use examples of research concepts that highlight a diverse set of biologists.

We aim to align our research examples with core biology curricula and, at the same time, highlight and humanize researchers as role models for students from many walks of life.  Our database is always growing – so check back often for updates!


explore our slides


How our slides are organized


Information from our contribution form (which you can find here) will be used to generate three slides with accompanying notes so that they can be easily-integrated into courses.



Please note: the information in the notes section might not be accessible for screen readers. Therefore, instructors should make sure that all of the information that they want to include in their lesson is represented as alt-text on the slides.


Personal experiences


Our materials are searchable based on curricular topics, but also identities that biologists self-identify with and are comfortable sharing.


Biologists submitting materials based on their own research will have the opportunity to share their personal experiences so that they (and biologists in general) can be seen as relatable, multi-dimensional people. Our form asks questions such as:



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