The more we compile high quality research examples done by amazing biologists from under-represented or marginalized groups, the bigger impact we can make!


contribute materials here

the process takes 15-20 minutes to complete



What makes a good example?


→ relates to core concept(s) in biology

→ clearly illustrates a point                    

→ easy to understand                            


Who can contribute? everyone.


Are you a biologist that identifies with under-represented or marginalized group(s)?

Submit materials based on your own research and experience!


Don’t identify with an under-represented or marginlized group?

Not ready to submit your own research examples?

Not comfortable sharing your personal experiences? 

→ Submit materials based of your academic heroes of past* and present**



* find a list of historical scientists from under-represented groups here [link coming soon]

** if you submit based on a contemporary biologist, we will contact them for consent to post slides based on their research, and give them the option to speak for their own experience as a person and biologist


About the materials


The materials produced by Project Biodiversify’s contribution form will contain primary research examples relevant to biology curricula that were done by biologists from all sorts of backgrounds.

Our contribution form will walk you through a step by step process that will generate the three slides (seen below), and tags that will make your example easy to find on our site.




Need support during the submission process?


Contact us via e-mail anytime.

Check our News & Events page for upcoming events!



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