The goal of Project Biodiversify is simple: to humanize biology as a field, and to increase the visibility of role models from underrepresented groups* in introductory biology courses.

Project Biodiversify is a repository of materials that provide examples from primary research and personal experiences from scientists that identify with underrepresented groups in biology.

The research examples are meant to be in alignment with the core curriculum of most introductory biology courses.

The personal accounts are meant to humanize biology as a field to students who may aspire to be biologists themselves.



* Diversity is highly multi-dimensional. While certain groups have been the focus of important research identifying under-representation in STEM, many other facets of diversity remain understudied and/or un-documented in terms of representation. Thus, we do not limit our definition of who counts as an underrepresented groups to those defined by NSF or other authorities. Underrepresented groups include any group of folks that self-identify as underrepresented/marginalized/oppressed according to any dimension(s) of their identity. We aren’t here to define people. We’re here to let people speak for themselves (scientifically and personally) and amplify the visibility of their experiences.

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