Methods for inclusive, accurate, and effective teaching


As biology is the study of life, many topics covered in biology courses are directly or indirectly related to human biology and human identities, like gender, sex, sexuality, race, ability, etc. Unfortunately, due to omissions, over-simplifications, and over-generalizations, many identity-related topics are taught, explained, or defined in ways that are exclusionary or harmful to students with marginalized identities, and reinforce stereotypes and biologically essentialist ideas associated with identity.  

Many science educators know that our current teaching paradigm includes content that is inaccurate, problematic, and potentially harmful, but lack the tools to address it, and therefore defer to outdated language and examples. We work to empower educators to expand their toolbox so that they can convey information in both accurate and inclusive ways. We do this by offering workshops to faculty interested in adapting their curriculum to strive towards both inclusion and accuracy.

We hope to one day offer workshops covering many identities, but currently focus on teaching sex- and gender-related topics taught in biology, such as sexual reproduction, sex determination, sexual dimorphism, and sexual selection. 

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