Inclusive and accurate methods for teaching sex- and gender-related topics

We have read the most commonly used biology textbooks and scoured the literature to see how sex- and gender-related topics in biology (e.g. sexual reproduction, sex determination, sexual dimorphism, and sexual selection) are currently taught and researched. While doing so we found many issues with biological accuracy and also inclusivity for women, LGBTQIA+ community, and people with non-nuclear families.

To help instructors come up with solutions for these issues, we have developed a hands-on workshop for instructors to teach these topics in more inclusive and accurate ways. See content modules from our workshops below, or learn about inviting us to give a workshop for your group, department, or institution.

Current Modules

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Module 1: Motivations

Module 2: Sexual Reproduction

Module 3: Sex Determination and Dimorphism

Module 4: Sexual Selection

Future Modules

We’re hoping to expand our content for the website and workshops to include even more sex- and gender-related topics in biology. We’re currently thinking about anatomy/physiology and more. Do you have an idea?  Want to help us develop a new module? Contact us! :)

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